But Nobody I Know Voted For HIM!

April12/ 2012

This is a classic story, perhaps apocryphal…. Election night 1980, an UpperEastSide NYC Limo Liberal watches in utter disbelief as Ronald Reagan blows Jimmy Carter to smithereens. “How could this be? No one I know voted for him (Reagan).” …… I encountered the 2012 version of this in reverse recently.

At a dinner party, us men folk were on the back porch discussing traditional “men folk on the porch” topics – sports & politics. One fellow, God bless him, said “I think Romney will win in a landslide!” I high-fived him, but cautioned that the general electorate was a bit more diverse than collective humanity within several drives and 3-woods of where we were standing.

He understood that. His premise was based on projected voter turnout in “the battleground states”. His reasoning didn’t convince me; but it felt really good hearing someone say it any way. If only t’would be so.

In each of the above scenarios, the lesson is that we tend to surround ourselves with like-minds. To not do so would be way too masochistic for anyone of even a nitwit liberal mindset. Yet to do so lulls us to believe “the unseen them” are of insignificant quantities.

Think in terms of the termites in your crawlspace you prefer not to think about. Comparing snarly liberal gimmee gimmes to termites works for me.

Who hasn’t found their arbitrary acquaintances affected by the 2008 election and now in 2012? We all knew someone who fell for the Hope & Change crap and thought: “Maybe a dramatic change is what this country needs?” They bought the media lies about George Bush or the media lies about who/what Barack Obama really is.

I knew a handful of “regular normal people” who expressed some of those symptoms in 2008. But now it is 2012. If they still hold to those thoughts I have probably deleted them from my Address Book and certainly from my arbitrary acquaintance list. Life is too short for such relationships.

I have nothing in common with anyone who supports Barack Obama and his cronies, what they stands for and what their stated “Vision for America” is. OK, maybe we share a common species but even that is in doubt with the more extreme examples.

The Obama supporters I do associate with know my iron-clad rule – No Politics At All. Violate that rule and “Scotty beam me up”. I’m outta there.

“Those people” are quite free and welcome to feel equally disconnected from me and unappreciate my company, and my opinions, as much as I do theirs. I am certain that a number do. Mutual contempt actually makes it easier to maneuver socially and professionally.

Alas “they” ARE out there in quantities worthy of concern. Will more of “them” turnout in November or more of “us”. Can enough of “us” turn out to counter the rampant voter fraud that is a guaranteed certainty?

The more street mobs and union thuggery we see from June thru October will tell us how worried “they” are. I predict a considerable amount so in a perverse sense maybe it will be a positive. If THAT doesn’t tell you how screwed up this country is, what will?


NC Dem Sex Scandal Update: Recall that local media lapdogs knew about the hanky panky shenanigans among the officials of the NC Democratic Party since December but agreed to suppress the facts from the public. Not the first or last time that is the case. Drudge and DailyCaller broke the story on Friday.

On Sunday the NC Democ Party Exec Dir Jay Parmley resigned, blaming – OF COURSE – eeeevil right-wing bloggers for his disgraced exit. I was really hoping he would mention me by name. It’s AgentPierce, Jay. P I E R C E.

No doubt part of our “War On Naughty Democrat Party Executives Named Jay”. Bad bad right-wing bloggers. ☺

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