A Sex With A Billy Goat Moment!

April10/ 2012

Its a classic Lewis Grizzard story. A good ol’ Baptist boy is moved by the Spirit to publicly confess his sins to the congregation during a tent revival. “I’m so sorry I stole that money”…. Amen, brother. “I’m so sorry I lied”…. Amen, brother. “I’m so sorry I cheated”…. Amen, brother. “I’m so sorry I had sex with that billy goat”….. (silence) finally the preacher said “Brother, I don’t believe I’d atold that one.” “Sex with a billy goat” moments are quite popular these days.

Every Conservative knows he/she cannot trust the mainstream media. Yet we all are exposed to it on some level. I haven’t watched ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN news in years. I cancelled my subscription to the local McClatchy newspaper six years ago. But I know their lead stories and front pages from the news sources I frequent on-line. I peruse enough websites to see how the “left-leaning” (“leaning”!!!) mainstream media plays certain stories – how headlines are written – where stories are positioned – etc. Predicting “media firestorms” isn’t rocket surgery (!).

The Rapture….. Earthquakes….. Tsunamis and American Idol winners should all be as predictable as “mainstream media firestorms”. I mean REALLY!

Nothing sets off a KABOOM among the mainstream media like any one remotely Conservative having a “Sex With A Billy Goat” Moment – aka saying something that may be entirely true but, circumstances being what they are, would fall in that “don’t believe I’d atold that one” category.

Case In Point: John Derbyshire’s column last week that got him fired from National Review On-Line. I had never heard of John Derbyshire. I don’t read National Review On-Line nor do I read TAKI.com, which is where his column actually appeared.

“What John Derbyshire wrote” concerned “the Talk” he suggests white parents have with their children about the realities of the racial divide in America. His comments were direct and not really debatable in fact. They were, however, combustible; and set off the aforementioned media firestorm.

“Combustible”??? If what Derbyshire wrote is “combustible” what about what Jeremiah Wright said last week? What Van Jones said last week? What Malik Zulu Shabazz said last week? What Jesse Jackson said last week? Huh? You didn’t see any of THEIR comments “above the fold” or leading your six o’clock news.

Go to The Blaze and you can see them. TheBlaze.com is a Glenn Beck website that covers what your local mainstream “left-leaning” media will NEVER tell you. I recommend TheBlaze.com as a daily news-feed read for every Conservative.

Several weeks ago a free-lance blogger named Tara Servatius posted a “racially insensitive” cartoon on a John Locke-sponsored website. JLF spokesman fell all over themselves condemning it as the media firestorm engulfed them. No surprise that GangMcClatchy gave the Servatius Incident “front page coverage”.

That’s because it is quite all right for high profile liberals / black activists to “have sex with billy goats” as loudly and as profanely as they please; but not OK for obscure conservative columnists to do so. Obscure columnists such as Ms Servatius or Mr Derbyshire supposedly, of course, reflects All Conservatives…. All Republicans….. All White Folks. I don’t know John Derbyshire or Tara Servatius.

Those well-known liberals and black activists I noted have 10 of 1,000s of devoted followers ergo their “sex with a billy goat” comments DO reflect “group think” or are intended to. But are NOT covered by the mainstream liberal media. The only “racially insensitive” and combustible comments you will see in the mslm are the ones they can attach to “typical white Conservative racist bigots”.

That’s Not Fair !!! Puhleeeze….. the “not fair” train left the station quite some time ago.

Sorry Charlie but this lib media strategy is not going to change. It will get much worse. All we can do as Conservatives is be aware that any/every provocative comment any of us might make is liable to create “a media firestorm”, but not so with them. “They” are different. Expect a steady stream of such manufactured firestorms between now and November.

Scary time to be in America; especially for billy goats.

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