Is Trayvon-Gate Just “A Dry Run” ??

April06/ 2012

Confrontations like The Trayvon Martin Incident happen every day across America. A dozen different variables are in play in these fatal situations. Flip the ethnicities in any combination. What made this one different?
HYPOTHESIS: The Trayvon Martin Incident is a “dry run” for how effectively and efficiently TeamObama can mobilize its street armies and media allies to grab the national conscience by the throat…. and hold America’s attention for maximum impact.

We are NOT suggesting that the actual confrontation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman was contrived. It happened and Martin is dead. We are suggesting that The Aftermath of Martin v Zimmerman is a Spring tune-up by TeamObama to test their communication network in mobilizing their national organization – the union thugs, the occupy slugs, the parading chanting drones…. and the media response roll-out.

Lessons are being learned right now on what steps were most effective. How was social media used…. how did the marches get organized…. the seemingly spontaneous (wink, wink) demonstrations….. how did local/regional media react…. who are the best grassroots organizers in major markets ???

Look at this situation similar to the Jihad vs Rush. We know MediaMatters had its TakeOutRush strategy “in the can” waiting for the inevitable tongue slip. Rush weathered the storm but we can bet that Obama’s people learned something from why they failed “this time”. The “next time” will see a different twist to the strategy.

A “Long Hot 2012 Summer” has long been a given; and even hotter Sept-October as union thugs, occupiers slugs and race baiters stage intimidating events to further frighten fence-sitters and Conservatives with weak resolves. How are Conservatives reacting? How are otherwise “unbiased elements” reacting.

ObamaGang can now create a Martin-Zimmerman situation anytime it wants…. the template is now in place. Individual “facts” within a situation can be manipulated as necessary for desired effect. “Truth” is irrelevant.

The NEXT Martin-Zimmerman-type brouhaha will intensify as “they” fine-tune each one based on these “dry run” experiences….. Countdown To November.

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