Karl Wallenda’s Rule

March22/ 2012

How many tightrope walkers can you name? Probably just one – Karl Wallenda. Karl’s Rule: “If you want to draw the big crowds, you have to work without a net…. but one slip and its SPALTT.” A cyber commando named Tara Servatius slipped this week…..

The pointy-teethed liberal moonbats are in full romp and stomp AGAIN. Maybe it would be easier if we noted any occasion when the pointy-teethed moonbats were NOT in full romp & stomp. There will not be such an occasion in the next six months. The romping & stomping is just beginning.

Tara Servatius is/was a free-lance blogger for a John Locke Foundation sponsored blog called Meck-Deck. Earlier this week Tara posted a blog containing a cartoon of Barack Obama in drag with a bucket of KFC between his legs. I have not actually seen the cartoon but read its description.

Yes, we have all seen countless offensive cartoons of Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice and of course George Bush, Sarah Palin et al…. but the rules are “different”. A well-traveled road….

As I understand it, Tara posted without pre-editorial approval meaning no one at JLF saw or approved of what she posted prior to it popping on the Internet. For the record absolutely no one approves ANYTHING I post anywhere. I, and Tara, know Karl Wallenda’s Rule. SPLATT is one “Hit Send” away. We kinda thrive on the thrill of it all. Actually I am pretty much invincible.

A lurking moonbat saw the KFC cartoon …. moonbat quickly got in touch with a higher-ranking moonbat…. blah blah blah. The moonbat bark patrol went into overdrive. Think “slut-gate” on a regional level. Many moonbats frothing at the mouth and in full zombie march on Tara and the JLF.

Tara immediately realized she had “crossed the line” and she submitted her resignation from her position with JLF. It was immediately accepted. The offending blog/cartoon had already been deleted. The whole scenario lasted about 24 hours.

What’s the lesson here?

There is “a line” but no one can determine where it is. If you “cross the unknown line” there is a price to pay. No one can agree on what that price should be.

Even a roomful of pointy-teethed liberal moonbats (scary thought!) cannot agree on lines and prices. Moonbats DO AGREE however that “us offending them” is a MUCH more heinous crime than “them offending us”. I bet that doesn’t surprise you, huh?

I have long thought I would be WONDERFUL as The National Censor. No one could play Solomon in matters of “offensive material” as good as I could. I would not trust anyone else with such power.

Alas, I can’t find too many folks, especially among the aforementioned moonbats, who think I should have such power.

Tara Servatius is a veteran cyber commando. This was not her first rodeo. She will be back in the cyber octagon before long. Bruised a bit but still capable of drawing lib-blood – metaphorically speaking.

I and Tara and ElRushbo and 1,000s of others will continue to do what we do – Fight the liberal moonbats 24/7 wherever we encounter them. Hit’em between the eyes with satirical 2x4s. Slip up behind’em in the dark of night and, metaphorically speaking, slit their throats from ear to ear.

We are at war with these frothing nitwits. The future of America is at stake. “Working with a net” won’t get the job done.

A hard-core snarly Fem-Lib TV info-hag named Laura Leslie for WRAL-TV5 is in the middle of this. We will tell you LOTS more about this “piece of work” in future columns. Ms Leslie is a member of a team of liberal assassins Jim Goodmon has assembled to try and destroy Conservatives. We told you about Jimmy in an earlier column – The George Soros of The Triangle – quite a nasty fellow.

NOTE: The other famous tightrope walker was Philippe Petit.

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