Attack of The Flying Monkeys

March05/ 2012

“What is happening” is an all-out assault not just on Rush Limbaugh but also on me and YOU assuming you are opposed to Obama and his regime taking over America. If you approve of what is happening then you and I have nothing substantial in common. That’s pretty much it……

Because this assault is in progress it is impossible to define it at any one point in time. Do I believe Rush will survive “this”. Yes, I do. Because I know the history and I know the nature of the enemy we are dealing with.

The Flying Monkeys of the mainstream liberal media are in a full blitzkrieg to silence a prominent Conservative voice. GangMcClatchy will be doing its part in NC.

Silencing all opposition has always been an essential strategy for The Obama Regime. Expect excoriating editorials from your local liberal media. Expect every liberal columnist to be self-righteously indignant “defending their poor innocent Joan of Arc”. They smell “blood” and they will be going all-out to get it. Do I think they will succeed? No.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh using “a bad word” to describe a left-wing activist. This has nothing to do with the “poor little coed”. If you think that’s what this is all about; you are beyond naïve. If that’s what you believe then you are “on their side”. If you are not outraged at this assault – then you are “on their side”.

If “using a bad word to describe a political opponent” was a crime worthy of such retaliation there would be bodies stacked like cordwood on the political battlefield. This is a coordinated all-out attack to silence opposition to the Obama Regime.

If you “blame Rush” it’s a safe bet you are also “blaming Mitt Romney and Santorum and Gingrich and Paul et al”. You are hedging your bet to believing “maybe Obama isn’t so bad after all”. You have bought the media lie and you have given up; hoping maybe if you don’t speak out, you will be spared when Obama’s minions come to take away the rest of your freedomsy. Polish Jews tried that pacifist approach w/ the Nazis.

That “they” routinely call Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Tea Party members, and YOU and me much worse “bad names” is totally true but that doesn’t phase “them” one bit.

These are vicious, violent, ruthless people who will justify any means to their desired end. History is littered with such demagogues…..

If they can silence Rush Limbaugh, then you and I are next. No big secret about that.

These are the union thugs rioting in Wisconsin….. the Occupier slugs urinating on public property…. the black panthers outside voting places…. Bill Mahre, Chris Matthews, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Jeremiah Wright, and Barack Obama. It’s the arrogant weasel columnist at your local newspaper. The clueless talking head on your network affiliate.

If you find anything remotely “OK” about these people, then you are “on their side”. If you think this is just the usual “partisan political haggling” then you are “on their side”.

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