GangMcClatchy Hits New Low !!!

March03/ 2012

If you have followed the deterioration of GangMcClatchy to sub-tabloid levels, you have probably said “those arrogant jackasses can’t possibly get any worse”. Duke Lacrosse and The John&Reille Cover-Up are Lofty Lows to try and top. Guess what…. they CAN get worse. And we can expect much worse between now and November.

The floundering media conglomerate that publishes The News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer as well as other failing newspapers around the country has been reduced to:

…. a flatulent dinosaur sinking into the quicksand of self-induced incompetency and terminal arrogance.

Wednesday’s McClatchy headline trumpets: Group: Tillis Pushed Bill For Donors ….. quoting a “liberal watch-dog group”; the no-count newshounds not laid-off YET by GangMcClatchy proceeded to smear House Speaker Tillis for cronyism…. based on blog posts accusations by “a liberal watch-dog group”.

The ploy worked as intended. Pointy-teethed Tillis-haters crawled out from under rocks and dung piles to roar and rage based on “a blog post from a liberal watch-dog group” printed in McClatchy papers as if it was “real factual news”.

Using the McClatchy version of “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” – “if you read it in the newspaper it must be so” these “blog posts”accusations are now officially “news” because a real newspaper printed them.

AgentPierce has some issues with The House Speaker. Thom Tillis, and his media staff, still do not recognize that GangMcClatchy is 110% dedicated to destroying him and the Republican caucus in the NC General Assembly. Too often TeamTillis makes it waaaay too easy for McClatchy’s dumpster-divers to sucker-punch him. This is a prime example.

This is not the first time that McClatchy has pulled this stunt. During the recent Wake County Public School War (an ongoing “war” with no end in sight) McClatchy’s ink-stained weasels used “liberal blog posts” on a daily basis to smear Republican candidates. They even elevated one particular bottom-feeder – Gerrick Brenner – to a “reliable source” as a means to insert Brenner’s bald-faced lies into the news cycle.

McClatchy’s muck-rakers continually quote alternative media rags The Independent and The Carolinian as “reliable sources”. The Independent is an infamous free tabloid sustained by “porno ads”. The Carolinian is “FUBU media” run by a local race-huckster to keep the black community in near riot-mode. A supposedly “real newspaper” provides them both with artificial credibility.

So what? GangMcClatchy is nothing but an ultra-left-wing propaganda machine. That is hardly BREAKING NEWS. No it isn’t but regular reminders are necessary. As much as we all say “we can’t trust “the mainstream media” we all find ourselves slipping back into life-long habits of doing just that.

If you continue to subscribe to a McClatchy newspaper simply because you “need a newspaper with your morning coffee” you might as well send that subscription check directly to “Obama 2012”.

You can check obituaries and sports score on their website at no cost.

I have offered THIS BLOG to McClatchy as “a reliable source”. I’m holding my breath waiting for their response.

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