Anatomy of A National News Story

February29/ 2012

Other than a couple of lurking MediaMatters spies, the majority of Bullmoose readers are fellow Right-Wing Fanatics. God bless your star-spangled hearts. You know “Rush” and “Drudge” and “Beck” and The John Locke folks and a rogue media operation run by Roger Ailes? The one with the incredibly attractive info-babes!! Hubba hubba…..

For the past 24 hours all of the above have been AFLAME over a story out of little Hoke County North Carolina involving a darling little 4-year old girl’s school lunch and the Evil Obama Regime. How did this come to be? Listen my children and you shall hear….

This latest example of The Obama Regime’s plot to take over every aspect of our lives is like countless other examples – unbelievable. But factually solid right down to the turkey & cheese sandwich that the little girl’s mamma made for her lunch. Here is the story courtesy of Sara Burrows at Carolina Journal: The Little Girl’s School Lunch Ridiculum.

Now……. Here is “the rest of the story”.

Two weeks ago this little girl’s grandmother was so incensed over this absurdity that she called the office of her State Representative in Raleigh. She had to rant to somebody and isn’t that why we elect people to represent us when a government bureaucract has his jackboot on our neck? Thru divine providence, a veteran Bullmoose operative happened by.

From there it was lickety-split – dial in a satellite uplink, some encrypted codewords, a retina scan or two and “voila” this story went freakin’ VIRAL ! I’ve skipped over a few details in the process (MediaMatters spies are lurking). Let’s just say “Bullmoose knows people” and those people take Bullmoose’s calls. What can I say?

Yes, this story “went viral” EXCEPT with one media outlet. No one at either regional McClatchy-owned news outlets (Raleigh’s N&O and Charlotte’s Observer) will touch it since it is critical of “their guy” Barack.

McClatchy has offered their (virtually vacant) offices as operational bases for Obama’s newly-formed Truth Teams. Obama’s Truth Teams are charged with shoveling out mountains of crap over the next six months to get “their guy” re-elected so he can complete his Dismantling of America. ….. think descendants of Joseph Goebbels.

This incredible “little girl’s lunch story” is significant on several fronts. As noted, a key element in Obama’s Master Plan involves Total Control over Public Education from pre-K thru post-graduate school. For any socialist agenda to work, mind and information control is essential. Brainwash generations of “the innocent” and turn them in to mindless lemming. Make no mistake about it. This diabolical strategy CAN work and already has to a degree.

The best defense for America are websites just like this one (but most not nearly as entertaining!!) that are ever-vigilant on your behalf.

The McClatchys, NYT, CNN, NBCs of the world don’t frighten us in the least. At the end of the day they are what they are and that is punishment enough for those no-count rascals and weasels.

Human nature has been flawed since Eve bit that apple. Politics, and them what wallows in it, is a very flawed institution. Any governing structure is only as effective as its most bumbling bureaucrat and there will never be a shortage of bumbling bureaucrats. A favorite saying at TeamBullmoose:

“Conservatives, and our politicians, sure ain’t perfect; but by gawd we’ans ain’t nearly as bad as those sumbitches on the left.”

Yes, we are designing t-shirts and bumperstickers with that message. Meanwhile keep checking in here…. tell your like-minded pals….. and come November it is ABO – Anybody But Obama.

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