N&O Fop Has Hizzy Fit ……

February02/ 2012

Local media fop – Rob “Reille Who” Christensen – mounted his McClatchy bully pulpit to pound his little fists into sand. The pompous pundit was atwitter that state GOPers had outfoxed his beloved Democrats. THEN the legendary arch nemesis of GangMcClatchy – AgentPierce – popped a cyber cap on the N&O’s beady-eyed dandy.

Another day slogging thru the swamps and sausage factory of North Carolina politics.

Rob “Reille Who” gained his colorful sobriquet during the infamous John Edwards Scandal. Rob was embedded deep inside Edwards’ inner circle from Day One of the ill-fated campaign. Yet, gosh darn it, he was the only human in the Western Hemisphere to miss the obvious – that Johnny and his videographer trollop – Miss Reille – were dancing the horizontal mambo all the while Wife Elizabeth was undergoing chemo.

Two weeks after the gory details of the elicit liaison had been above-the-fold headline news in every 3rd world country, Rob informed his editor that “something seems a bit fishy with that Hunter woman”. For that sort of sleuthing, Rob’s peers gave him yet another NC Newshound award – “The Les Nessman”.

Last week, the Repub majority in the NC General Assembly finally showed it realizes it’s in a no-holds-barred war with Rob and his left-wing lizards across the aisle. Employing political gamesmanship clearly within the legislative rulebook, dashing GOP standard bearer Thom (with an “h”) Tillis engineered a midnight raid on the Democ stronghold – the state’s teachers’ (we’re not really a) union (wink) – NCAE.

The victorious GOPers mandated that (“not really”) union dues could not be automatically withdrawn from teachers’ paychecks. State accountants would not be the dues collection arm of the (“not really a”) union. Teachers are still free to be union members of the “not really a” union; but have to send in their own dues. Those awful awful GOPers – Shame on’em! ….. or so Rob wrote.

Rob “Reille Who”‘s Poison Pen Attack

THEN, in a clear indication that he is finally “getting it”, Speaker Tillis announced on Facebook that he had cancelled his home delivery of McClatchy’s other regional failing newspaper – The Charlotte Observer. This, of course, sent Rob and his ink-stained cronies into conniption fits. As if Tillis’ $25/month could save McClatchy’s stable of red-ink hemorrhaging dead horses.

To that decision, GeneralBullMoose’s only criticism is THOM, WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO LONG? Geeezzz, most of us dropped those papers when we threw out our leisure suits and 8-track players.

Thom The Speaker bushwhacked the Democs who then sent forth their media fop – Rob Reille Who – to show Thom what fer in a blistering Sunday commentary.

THEN, lo & behold, the legendary “AgentPierce” emerged from the Internet ether to cold cock the fop.

AgentPierce , “just a citizen with an opinion”
Oh goody goody…. award-winning cracker-jack political hack Rob “Reille Who” is hopping mad today. Hop, hop hop Rob. ….. Watch Rob jump up and down. Watch steam come out of Rob’s little ears. Watch Rob’s little fists pound sand…. Rob is soooo angry he omitted his own traditional tagline – label someone “a former Helms cohort”.

Can’t you see Robbie and his longtime N&O hack chum Stevie “Wiffenpoof” Ford sitting together on a bench in Nash Square just acarrying on to beat all. That dynamic duo has worked so hard for 20 years to destroy the state Republican Party and see where it has gotten them. Two angry little boys scribbling in desperation for a floundering dinosaur of a newspaper…… sniff, sob, sigh.

Thanks for the laughs, Rob. Reading that rant was more fun than watching a cat chase a laser pointer.

“AgentPierce” has become a mythical hero of/for “leaners to the right” – an Internet combo of Robin Hood, Zorro and Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion. Whether he is championing (eeeevil) Art Pope or simply tormenting the handful of not-fired-yet McClatchy hangers-on; “AgentPierce’s” ever-polite blowtorch comments are things of beauty to those of a Conservative persuasion. Once described as “sugar-coated napalm”. The erudite Conservative commando’s familiar avatar causes Lib loonies heads to explode.

Huzza huzza…. AP, YOU ROCK!

Just another day among the warring pots and kettles of Raleigh’s Jones Street Circus.

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