Y R U So Fulla Hate ??

January24/ 2012

Surely as Joe Biden puts beans in his ears, some liberal has asked you “Why are Republicans so full of hate?” Or “Why are Conservatives so full of hate?” Or the straight-forward – “Why are You People so full of hate?” I bet a jelly doughnut you try to formulate a response to that asinine inquiry. (1) Why are you talking to a liberal? …. (2) Reread #1.
Snappy repartee from a liberal is limited to 5-6 talking points they are given by Bill Mahre, Michael Moore, Dame Pelosi, or Barack H. Obama The Chosen One. That repartee can fill both sides of a 3×5 card if they write really large. The “Hate” question is either #1 or #2. It always competes with “Why are all you people so racist?”….. “Why do you people hate poor people?”…… and some nitwit reference to a mythical “separation of church & state clause” that does not appear in the Real Constitution but does in the Huffington Post version.

The best way to deal with this drivel is to totally ignore liberals altogether. Buy yourself a goldfish or make a sock puppet if you want something to debate. Either would be more pleasant company than a liberal. A piranha with a toothache is more pleasant company than a liberal.

Liberals laid eternal claim to the “We Love and You Hate” moral high road during the late 60s at a Joan Baez concert at The Fillmore. A stoned dude in the 3rd row named Zeke made a “V” sign with two fingers….. and 50 years and a 1,000,000 tie-dyed t-shirts later, you have to explain why you are full of hate.

I DO HATE…. a lot of inanimate objects, my stubborn reluctance to accept Oprah’s popularity and that Bob Dole and/or John McCain got presidential nominations. I hate clamshell packaging too. I figure that is a very bi-partisan thing. Maybe the only thing Michelle Obama and I might have in common.

Don’t get me wrong…. I am in full combat mode against every single thing that a liberal thinks (an oxymoron?) or purports to believe. In reality there may be a few innocuous matters like waffle cones and fried eggplant and sunsets that we might agree on but it’s better to broad brush the whole ball of wax.

I reserve “hating” for forgetting my reading glasses and not turning on the electric blanket until I’m all ready to go to bed and then it takes 15 minutes for it to get all snuggy. THAT I hate. Liberals aren’t worth hating.

The next time a nitwit liberal asks you any question containing the words “why” and “hate”…..

Haul off and coldcock him/her with a ballbat, then yell “DUCK”.

When the judge asks “How come you hauled off and coldcocked that nitwit liberal with your ballbat?” you say “Your honor, he/she asked me that “why do you hate _____?” question.” Unless you are appearing before that 9th Federal Circus, the judge will shake your hand and call his next case.

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