But Which 50% ???

January23/ 2012

I do not interact with Ron Paul People that much. Mrs Pierce tells me – “they’re nuts”. Her analytical insights are documented 99.3% accurate using the same accuracy service as EIB. I did tangle with a few of them recently. Seeing the initials – CFR – I knew Mrs B was spot on again. Time to repeat #1 Rule…..
50% of all conspiracy theories are bogus

….. but which 50%?

Maybe Jimma Carta, Henry Kissinger, Archie Manning, “Hillary”, “Newt”, Obama’s cousin in the hut, and Megyn Kelly ARE all Stepford puppet-people. Among the 1,000s of other puppet-people built by The Bilderburgers in a secret lab deep in the Swiss Alps. The Rothschilds have planted their puppets inside the inner circles of every UN member nation except the Pineville Rotary Club and the Oakland Raiders.

Hellfire, maybe I am a Tri-Lateral puppet pundit put here to distract you from the sinister reality that Revelation 9:23-34 clearly warns that “the rise of three sisters named Kardashian is the 14th sign of the end of Kodak as a Fortune 100 behemoth”.

Ron Paul’s disciples definitely do not drink de-caff. They are wired and fired.

I met my first Tri-Lateralist in the early 70s. Bill was a hard-core John Bircher and as nice a guy as you’d ever meet. He had a beautiful little daughter named Dixie and enough firepower in his basement to recreate The Tet Offensive.

Thirty years later I was in another basement “somewhere on the Gulf Coast” surrounded by what Bill coulda had if he had unlimited funding. Again, my host was as nice a guy as nice can be. His doorbell chime was Kate Smith’s God Bless America.

In neither case was I at all afraid or thinking I had fallen down some Aryan rabbithole into a Robert Ludlum Dream Come True. I did think about a few ultra-liberals I know who would have melted into a puddle of goo had they been with me.

I once took a ultra-liberal to a Dale Earnhart Jr Fan Club meeting. He was like a cat on a hot tin roof and cried like a baby to “PLEASE take me home right now….” I drove him back to Chapel Hill and left him hugging a Dutch Elm tree in his front yard. Combining liberals and NASCAR is a guaranteed photo op of just how terrified an “intellectual ideologue” can get.

Back to conspiracy theorists. I’m sure there is more subterfuge afoot in world governments than anyone can imagine. I am also quite sure that The Rapture IS going to occur some day and I will go on the first bus out if I haven’t already cashed out by then.

Conspiracy theories are “comfort food” to many political observers. Machiavellian intrigue on a Disney-esque level. Shadowy figures behind potted palms carrying Tom Clancy’s latest novel in their carry-ons.

Have you ever noticed that Conspiracy Theorists consider theorists to conspiracies other than theirs to be “conspiracy nuts” ?

Most of my friends possess one or more delightful eccentricities – a prerequisite to be “a friend of AgentPierce”. Being “a bubble or so out of plum” is a very attractive feature.

The longest plane ride I ever made was 8-hours from Miami to Rio de Janeiro. It is not a pleasant memory. Luckily I was not seated between a Ron Pauler and an Occupier. Eccentric is fine. “Nuttier than a Claxton fruit cake” is another category altogether.

Ever tried to avoid eye contact with a cross-eyed man on an elevator? Try it.

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