Stuff Liberals Say

January20/ 2012

We who do “this” polit-humor stuff have pretty well-developed egos. We think on some level “I am the cleverest fellow there ever has been is, or likely will be.” When we come across something awesomely clever part of us says “Wow, I wish I’d done that.” This video is so Dead Solid Perfect I’m just glad I can share it with you folks…..

I am in awe of the creative genius that went into this.

If you have seen it, and 1,000s have; see it again. Memorize it, Quote one-liners from it in conversations. Send it to every quasi or legit Conservative / Repub you have ever met. Hellfire, send it to liberals too. They won’t “get it” of course which is just more of the joke on them.

This is a perfect description of “Them”. It nails “Them”. The actor is so dead on to the arrogant jackass stereotype you wonder “is he acting or is it a hidden camera?”

This boys and girls is why we hold these mutts in such utter contempt. Click and Enjoy…. and pass it on.

Stuff Liberals Say

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