“Neither” is not an option,

April12/ 2011

Some folks are seriously nutz in this country. Maybe you’ve already done your nutjob due diligence and you are comfortable with your conclusion. I have and I am.

There are two ideological camps vying for your support. You have three options to consider: (1) Liberals are nutz …. (2) Conservatives are nutz …. (3) Both are nutz. There is NO 4th option which would be (4) Neither ones are nutz. At least one group IS most decidedly quite unhinged and full-blown crackers.

Is determining the nuttiness of our fellow human beings anything other than totally subjective? Is it like a form of censorship or is identifying “nuttiness” like “knowing porn when we see it? If we decide that based on our personal standards that XYZ person is nutz, is that the end of that debate? Would anyone who might disagree with our decision probably be as nutz as the original individual in question? Probably more often than not, that will indeed be the case.

I believe semantics is involved. “That sumbitch is nutz” is a different qualification than “he’s one crazy sumbitch”. The latter has a decidedly lighter connotation to it. Harry Reid and Larry The Cable Guy are not at all alike nor should they be diagnosed the same.

Even the most hard-core political partisans will usually acknowledge that among their own kind is a faction that they would hesitate to have babysit their child …. or that they would feel safe sharing an elevator with. A good question is – Is “one of our nutz” a safer choice for babysitting or elevator sharing than “ANY of them”. That would make for a interesting crossfire debate I bet.

I always refer to myself as “an extreme right-wing fanatic” because every liberal I know adamantly declares itself “a mainstream moderate” ….. then, of course, they go directly into a spittle-spewing rage over how much they hate all the prominent Conservatives. If those nutz are indeed “mainstream” then I’m pretty far out on the extreme since I agree with them on absolutely nothing. That they are seriously NOT “mainstream” is obvious but thinking they are proves their nuttiness.

My handful of liberal acquainti would say I’m “OK” despite my misguided politics. Thats because I don’t say much around them. They mistake my passive reaction to their crapola to acquiesence. I let them blather, bloviate and spew. It’s easier to recall their lunacy and write about it here than to waste energy trying to refute them. I’m not interested in reforming them. I am only interested in defeating them in every election and thereby subjugating them to my ideological will.

As they have their faux-intellectual diarrhea attack I am usually thinking thru whatever shortcomings I know I have. I realize at the end of the day “at least I’m not them”. That always helps.

And one more point. I don’t mind at all if liberals think I’m nutz. They are nutz. What does a nut’s opinion amount to? But I know it really really bothers them a lot that I think they are nutz. I’m in favor of anything that really really bothers them.

I hope this helps in your due diligence on political nutz.

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