Any Of’em Gets My Vote

March07/ 2011

/ BobLee / All the yadda yadda about who will be the GOP Prez Nominee in 2012 !! Anyone who voted for blithering bumbling John McCain in ’08 will vote for whoever it is because we are voting Against Obama. Hellfire, I voted for Bob Dole.

Yes it night matter to about 6% of legitimately registered voters. All the illegitimate voters are a lock for BHO of course. That 6-8% will determine the fate of America.

BHO gets 99% of the black vote and about the same % of union drones. They have no choice. No GOP nominates will crack that base. Toss in the on-campus anarchists …. your ne-er-do-well brother-in-law and the skinny jeans bunch. Your idiot brother-in-law is someone’s skinny jeans guy.

Anyone who watches FoxNews by choice and is high enough on a corporate ladder to have his/her own people will go GOP. Any one who watches MSNBC by choice will not. FWIW: Not nearly as many people watch MSNBC as they want you to believe. Not nearly nearly.

There is that bunch that voted Obama in ’08 because W said “nuclar”. They think the pull-my-finger pundits are “politically-savy”. If you voted McCain/Palin in ’08 nothing has happened since then to make you wish you had gone for BHO. He’s worse than you were afraid he’d be … and he’s just getting warmed up.

No one among the 5-6 usual GOP names is as absolutely UNelectable as John McCain was. I still believe Cindi McCain held her nose when she voted for her doltish husband. I still shiver when I recall that last debate. .

Personally, I hope its Mitt The Mormon. Because he has real experience managing a real big business. He’s been vetted to the nth degree. We know how the left-wing hit squads will attack him.

Those of you who whine “he’s not conservative enough …..”. One question – is Mitt Romney more conservative than Barack Hussein Obama? Are you stuck on “that Mormon thing”? Mitt The Mormon or Barack The Muslim?

If it’s not Mitt Romney, I’ll vote for whoever ….. Pawlenty, Huckabee, Christie, Newt, some nice looking guy from Fly-over Country ??

You know I love Sarah. Her incredible ability to cause Libs’ heads to explode in rage is a talent I only wish I had. She is a true gem and very very valuable simply as a magnificent diversion. Tell her to “go long” and the Libs have to triple-team her because she’s Sarah Palin.

She will occupy 60% of their hard-core haters. They hate Sarah more than any other two might-bees combined. The toxicity of Sarah-hate makes as much sense as global warming does. Making sense is never part of any Lib behavior.

Sarah Palin will not be on the GOP ticket in ’12. Michelle Bachman might be a Veep candidate but I doubt it.

The Tea Party (bless their hearts) will want someone far out-of-the-mainstream – probably Ron Paul. No way does any Tea Partier vote for BHO. IF they try to do “a Perot” with some organized 3rd option then Obama wins. Pure and simple.

The drive-by media will trash whoever the GOP ticket is. They have dossiers already assembled as the list is pared down. Their attacks will be loud, vicious and predictable. The viciousness will be amped up to record levels. BHO’s media stooges are his best hope to nab that 6%.

Debate the 5-6 names all you wisht. In the end it’s Stop Obama. Any Repub candidate among the 5-6 can do that. It’s gonna be a no-holds-barred street fight. It’s gonna “get bloody” as the union thugs like to say. What you’re seeing from the thug mobs in Wisconsin will be the norm in October of 2012.

We’ll chat about this more in the months to come. Ya reckon?

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