Battle Above-The-Fold – Rush Wins! Rush Wins!

February24/ 2011

Paraphrasing The Marine’s Hymn ….. “From The (Union) Halls of Madison To The Shores of Tripoli …..” Goaded by The National Community Organizer Himself, union drones babble in Wisconsin for the right to be babbling union drones. Halfway around the world babbling sand fleas hurl molotav cocktails over the correct spelling of Quaddafi / Kaddaffi / et al.

Killer Quakes hit Queensland ….. Carmelo Moves To The Big Apple ….. Entire chapters of Revelations are being checked off The Doomsday Bucket List by the hour. Meanwhile the national drive-by media is obsessed with THE REALLY BIG STORY:

Rush Limbaught Disses Mamma Obama !!

As faithful S&D readers well know, this website is to Michelle Bashing what Athens was to Democracy. Stand & Declare is The Cradle of Mamma Obama Bashing.

Rush doing a short bit on her overall hypocrisy, her Big Lots fashion sense and her lib-contrived iconic status was no act of plagiarism. He has our Full Rights & Privileges Package.

Michelle Zingers first appearing here include:

“Her butt’s as big as a Buick…. ”
“… Her jeans are required to have a “WIDE LOAD” sign.”
“Strip mall tacky = The new White House chic”
“Cindy Lauper Named First Lady’s Personal Shopper… ”
Jackie O channels Michelle O ….. “Girlfriend, Get help!”

Michelle Obama being swooned over by liberal sycophants as “a fashion icon” is akin to L’Oreal naming Phyllis Diller as their spokesmodel.

The first thing that network news producers and metro papers’ editors do EVERY DAY is scour obscure websites for Sarah Palin tasteless sophomoric insults. NOTHING is off-limits when it comes to disparaging Sarah. Any pull-my-finger pundit can make-up a “Sarah Palin Has Menage-a-trois with Quinn The Eskimo & Nanook”. The NYT and CNN make it their “lead”.

Liberals’ demonic obsession with Sarah Palin may be the most compelling example of abnormal mass hysteria in American history.

That’s the way “the game” is played by the Lib media. If Sarah can’t take it she should leave the public stage. If she did, the insults will continue for another six months. Dozens of obscure D-list whozits’ careers are totally dependent on Palin-bashing. Without Sarah, Bill Mahre has no material except his I-Hate-Jesus stuff.

“They say” Queen Michelle is “off limits” because ……. well because ______ …… wait a minute, we’ll think of some reason ……. ……. ……. because “we say she is by golly”. Of course, the liberal media pulls this crap all the time. It’s who they are. THAT’s Why. Screw dat!

Rush Limbaugh invented the gendre of National Radio Talk Show Provocateuring. He is to “Radio Talk Show” what Kleenex is to tissue. What Xerox is to photocopying. For 22 years and counting he has made R-u-s-h the favorite 4-letter word of every two-bit ink-stained weasel and blow-dried info babe suffering from self-righteous indignation.

What “Rush Limbaugh Said Today ……” is a required template at every newspaper and Liberal website on the planet. Soros’ stooges at Media Matters record his every syllable and in some cases distribute a phrase out-of-context before he finishes the sentence.

Yeah, that happens all the time. When he busts a really good one as he did with the recent Mamma Obama bit …. he repeats it in case the Media Matters snoops happen to be surfing a kiddie porn site and missed it.

When Rush takes a day off, or goes on a week-long golf holiday, an entire cottage industry of “Limbaugh Says ….” twiddles its thumbs reduced to make up “what he would probably say …..”

Rush is as essential to Liberal media as Old Faithful is to Yellowstone. ….. as “the Falls” are to Niagara ….. as Ms Liberty is to New York Harbour. Continuing those analogies ….. the emergence of Sarah Palin was Yellowstone adding bears ….. Niagara adding a Wax Museum …. and NY Harbour adding The Staten Island Ferry. She’s the daily understudy if Rush takes a vacation.

Newcomers to Stand&Declarer must read BobLee’s Ode To Sarah. (CLICK for the link) in which I provide all you will need to stuff a Lib’s pie-hole when it spews out Palin-venom.

Sarah has never been our choice for POTUS but no one has ever been better for causing libs heads to explode like pinched zits by simply being herself. Her emergence on the national stage fully exposed the American Liberal in all his/her sniveling pathetic ignominity.

Sarah wakes up and steps out on her backporch in Wasila. 6,000,000 liberals jab forks into their eyes and gargle razor blades because she did it. THAT is a special God-given talent for which I will forever admire her. You Go Girl!

RL is the quintessential prankster extraordinaire. Every Mon-Fri from noon-3, he sets a shoe box of dog poop on the media’s doorstep ….. sets it on fire ….. rings the doorbell ….. and …… “the media” stomps the flaming shoe box getting dog poop all over their shoes. 22+ years. They fall for it EVERY time. THAT too is a God-given talent for which I will forever admire him. You Go You Harmless Little Fuzzball.

” ….to the shores of Tripoli we shall fight our countries battles on the Internet, air and sea.”

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