Obama’s Storm Troopers Invade Madison

February21/ 2011

/ BobLee / The after shock of the ’08 Obamic Election is now manifesting itself in Madison Wisconsin. Watch for a local version coming to your town soon. These knuckle-draggin’ goons don’t do that civil disobedience stuff. They are disciples of the lovable Jimmy Hoffa not MLK or Ghandi.

Barack Obama w/ AFLCIO Chief Goon Richard Trumka

Barack Obama won in ’08 with a constituent base of Black Welfare Plantationeers and Union Drones. Sprinkle on some academic anarchists and your ne’r-do-well brother-in-law who hated George Bush because he said “nuclur”. Obama’s base has always been in the ‘hood and in the (union) halls. He keeps trying to rally up the barrios but “the browns” don’t buy what Obama is cookin’.

Examine a basic garden-variety civil rights rally. Some blinged-up catbird with a mail-order divinity degree misquotes MLK and plays loosey-goosey with The King Jimmy. Show a clip from “Roots” and everybody sings a catch-phrase to the tune of a Mahalia Jackson spiritual. A phalanx of New Old Black Panthers stand around like Ray Lewis with hemorrhoids. The local media exaggerates the attendance by 300% and the Greyhounds that bussed’em in get stiffed for the charter fee. ….. Yawn.

At its heart, good decent folks but “droned-up” on a steady diet of reparations rhetoric by rabble-rousing “reverends”. That by & by diet keeps them conveniently teathered to the welfare plantation …. and keeps the rambunctions reverends in bling and in the headlines Other than the occasional South Central LA “Hoot ‘n Loot”, civil rights rallies are no more intimidating than a Cameron Crazies Victory Marshmallow Roast.

They have spent the last two years waiting for Their Guy to make good on his Reparations ‘4 Us promise. The only result is thousands of baby mammas naming their latest after The Annointed One and a dozen Ebony and Jet covers for Michelle. The only bruthas to hit the jackpot are wearing Heat jerseys. Another 40-50 years and that Great Society scam oughta start kickin’ in, ya reckon?

The bruthas and sistahs no-showed in November so Obi is calling out the knuckledraggin’ goons now. Unfortunately, for the safety and general welfare of the country, this bunch Obama is unleashing now are seriously nasty. Unlike the babbling sand fleas of Cairo, union thugs don’t waste time with prophets and prayer rugs.

For a Biblical analogy ….. the Philistines are trotting out Goliath. That Big Nasty’s encounter with a shepherd boy and his pouch of river rocks turned out OK for the good guys. I’m not sure how this one is going to evolve but there’s going to be serious property damage and some compound fractures. These union sluggos make those ACORN clowns seem like, well, clowns.

What image do you conjure up to the term “public sector / government worker”? BHO and his Hoffa-esque cronies want you to think “sweet little kindergarten teacher” and “brave firemen”. While teachers and fire/police are indeed a faction, it is a small %. But teachers and firemen (even “sanitation workers”) get your sympathy. A sympathetic mainstream media will push that image via “the regime’s” talking points memos.

The image you will NOT see are the rooms full of fat, lazy and surly you encounter at a court house, the DMV, or any similar clerical clearinghouse. Beyond those masses of apathetic in-your-face snarlies are countless layers of back-ups slugs. Forced to hire four slugs to handle the workload of one private sector employee, these dens of abject inefficiency suck down incredible benefits (“entitlements”) long since removed from private sectors HR manuals.

For every sweet little teacher or brave fireman carrying a child out of a burning building, there are 10,000 fat butts “on break” laughing “can’t fire me no matter how bad I am ‘cause da union says so”. There are plenty of good fine American workers forced to pay union dues to make a living. Many of these drones are dulled into “do what we tell you, vote like we tell you” by physical and psychological intimidation and indoctrination.

Originally intended to counter the sweat shop working conditions of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s and early 1900s; “trade unions” predictably were taken over by ham-fisted warlords and hard-line commies. Is it a coincidence that Trumka, the current AFL-CIO goon-in-charge, is a dead ringer for Joe Stalin?

Whatever sympathy you have when you “look for that union label” it likely does not include bullies with lead pipes, broken bones and backroom deals involving bags-o-cash.

…. Think of “unions” as organized crime without the colorful characters and olive oil.

If Wisconsin succeeds in reeling in their out-of-control unions, it will spread quickly to plenty of other states and BHO and his thug henchmen can’t risk that. This IS a line-in-the-sand ….. it’s “a Gettyburg” ….. it’s Sam Houston vs Santa Anna at San Jacinto. BHO is sending in his storm troopers

Recall the shooting in Tucson? The drive-by media rushed in to universally indict ALL Conservatives for a random nutjob with absolutely no connection to the Right or the eeeevil Tea Party. After milking that for five days, they packed up and left.

Now gangs of street hooligans are terrorizing Madison and prepping to invade your town …. and President Obama is unabashedly egging them on. Where are the media indictments ? Where are the connected-dots ? Where are the cries for civility ? The drive-bys are showing you sympathetic kinnygarten teachers and firemen. …. But you figured that out already, Right ?

Did you know that Obama meets with Trumka several times/week ? More often than he meets with any cabinet member ? Your local media hasn’t told you that ? I’m shocked !!

Pay attention folks. These goons are not goggle-eyed babbling zealots getting fitted with C-4 vests in Yemen. These are neighborhood bullies. They play mean and dirty and for keeps.

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