Media Mogul Publicly Castrates Himself

January24/ 2011

Wake County, like most of America, is having a quite nasty food fight over its public education mess. After several decades of infestation by liberal social engineering zealots, the Wake County Public Schools are vastly under-achieving and financially destitute. No surprises in that of course. …. but when a local media mogul euphemistically drops trou and sticks a celery stalk in his ear – that’s news worthy.

The local and regional race cardsharks are in full romp and stomp, of course, because “that’s what race cardsharks do”.

The most recent school board elections saw several districts elect non-left-wing zealots. Enough non-left wing zealots to shift the board’s voting majority to non-zealot. These new members were also quite naive on how cutthroat bias the local media can be. The local media is solidly in cahoots with the local race cardsharks and aforementioned zealots.

Cutting to the most recent foolishness, the local CBS affiliate is Capitol Broadcasting Company. It’s CEO is Jim Goodmon whose wife, Barbara is the real left-wing loonie. To his credit, Jim HAD been a most credible “city father” over the years and quite the astute visionary in media technology. He had also been overtly Apolitical to even prohibiting his employees from displaying ANY political bumperstickers, etc in the company parking lot. About 8-10 years ago that all changed.

Some credit Jim’s public transformation into a screeching left-wing zealot to Barbara’s terminal case of limo liberal guilt. As Barbara passed into her 60s she (and The Fletcher Foundation’s $$$ coffers she oversees) attracted a long list of left-wing crack-pots with their left-wing crack-pot causes. Traditionally such crack-pots wait until the rich widow is a widow before swooping in to clean out her “foundation”. But Barbara apparently had Jim’s testicles removed and secured in a box and she had the only key so why wait.

Ergo Jim Goodmon transformed from respected city father to crazy old coot capable of blurting out most anything of a left-wing zealot nature. Last week while shamelessly pandering to a roomful of rabid race cardsharks at a MLK ceremony, Jim did the Full Monty. ….

“The media coverage (of the local school board issue) has been too balanced” Jim declared. He even indicted his own reporters for not being partisan enough in their coverage supporting the side that Barbara has told Jim to support …. or relocate to the doghouse in the backyard.

It should be noted that the too-balanced media coverage that Citizen Goodmon railed about has pummeled the non left-wing school board members with a 24/7 toxic name-calling artillery barrage for the past 18 months. Imagine Harry Truman complaining that a few buildings were left standing in Nagasaki.

Goodmon’s MLK melt-down was reported by the local newspaper editor – John Drescher – in his Editor’s Blog. Traditionally the local media outlets have been very competitive in trying to scoop one another.

Media Mogul Says Coverage Too Balanced ….

The newspaper uses its op/ed goons and not-laid off-yet reporters to defame and disparage those it opposes. For a media CEO to do his own dirty work is in a way refreshing ….. at the expense of any professional credibility or personal dignity he might have had left.

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