Pull My Finger Pundits / Mute’em Roger

January16/ 2011

It’s easy to sit back and laugh when the hierarchy of liberal zealotry goes balls-to-the-walls nutz as they did this past week. To do so is like laughing at a cobra because it has no legs. A cobra is quite deadly just the same.

Our opponents’ insanity is only surpassed by their amorality. Maintaining their delusions of marvelousness justifies any means whatsoever. They have no purpose to their wretched life beyond touting their insanity and amorality, and quite unremarkable pedestrian intellect. ….. and only Roger Ailes’ Fox News can do that for them.

Having lost their legislative muscle in November, they have regrouped behind their media wing. Their primary bully pulpit, the Presidency, must step softly or risk a total pratfall in 2012. So send forth the quite mad media with all guns ablazin’. Rev up their other bully pulpit – the media with a phalanx of D-list pull my finger pundits.

Who cares if those wretched whozits make complete fools of themselves. If they throw themselves off cliffs onto the jagged rocks of mainstream public ridicule; it’s no sweat to Lord Obama. He has no fingerprints on their mangled corpses.

Throw 146 nutty whozits at Sarah Palin with the hope that one or two penetrate “The National know-better” and have front page traction for a day or so. There is a faction of naïve schlubs that will suck down any rubber worm. But to have impact beyond their lock-down base of union dweebs and Great Society gimmee gimmees, they have to have help.

The zealot hierarchy knows the support they must recruit in ’12 is watching Rog’s Fox News. Tingling Chris Matthews, Obermann, Annnndrea Mitchell, Perky Katie, and whoever is fogging the mirror these days at CNN don’t generate enough viewers on their own to fill Howdy Doody’s Peanut Gallery. The only way their snibes, jibes and toxic insinuations see the light is to glom on to Fox News and/or the most listened to talk radio shows. Specifically Roger Ailes has to indeed pull their finger ……

Until flim flam voting fraud got Al Franken the Minnesota senate seat, you never heard his name spoken on-air by Rush Limbaugh. Franken wrote book after book relying on Rush’s name in the title for any legitimate sales and the DNC buying them at gross discounts to hand out like Mao’s Little Red Books to their empty-eyed minions. Rush never gave Franken his audience. Why then does Roger Ailes give his Fox News audience to the lib zealot stooges?

When bloviating elected nitwits like Dick Durbin or James Clyburn or John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, et al go nuclear with their latest I say stoopid crap because I’m a liberal zealot. That what our base monkeys elect us for it arguably is news because they are indeed elected. The same applies to appointed member of TeamObama. But the Not For Primetime Bloviators are not elected. electable, appointed or clever. They are pull my finger pundits. Roger Ailes gives them an open mic …..

When the Bill Mahres, Joy Behars and assorted unknown comics squeal their toxic taunts no one hears or cares UNTIL their squeals are covered by FNC. Fox News is the only helium that float their balloons out of the dank musty media basements where they are created.

NYT columnists can’t get traction beyond the Upper East Side limo lib crowd …. UNTIL FoxNews airs them on prime time. When you hear their venom repeated on FNC or from your talker of choice it implies legitimacy totally undeserved. Might as well report daily UFO sightings by quite mad yahoos roaming Area 51 in their underwear and tin-foil hats.

Matthews and Obermann are to media ratings what the Clippers are to the NBA and the Pittsburg Pirates are to the National League. They are eliminated from the playoffs before they can get their uniforms dirty. If Roger Ailes would simply ignore them it would be the equivalent of tying a knot in their air hose …… gag, gurgle and flatline.

Hit the mute button Roger. They will shrivel up like the salted slugs they are.

I’m all for those vile slugs having total right to scream their crap 24/7 from the highest rooftop they can find. FoxNews (or any conservative media) need not grant them the privelege of their audience ladder to get on that rooftop.

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