For The Record – Blondie NAILED It!

January13/ 2011

For those keeping score – last Saturday night as we were all trying to get a handle on the Arizona Shooting …. Blondie ABSOLUTELY NAILED how it would all unfold with the libs and their media stooges. ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT to a “T”.

I’m pretty daggone good at predicting libs’ actions / reactions. Of course, that’s about as hard as predicting “it’s gonna be hot in Phoenix in August.” But, really, Blondie laid out EXACTLY how they would frame this and where they would attack.

She predicted Sarah would be Target #1 with Rush being a close 2nd. She predicted that BHO would lay back and let his attack dogs and stooges romp and stomp …. then he would fly in amid palm fronds and huzzas and play Hussein The Messiah. Is Blondie good or what !!!

If she missed at all it was that Beck and O’Reilly and Coulter would be “in the lib crosshairs” and really they have not been. O’Reilly is NOT happy that he is only considered a minor irritant to the pointy-headed zealots.

Blondie also predicted that the whole tsunami of trashing by media would not last a week. The absurdity of the insane shooter having any right-wing association would defang the zealots quickly …. as it has.

Andrea Mitchell NBC News continues to embarrass herself as did Chuck Todd on the network level.

Meanwhile up in Wassila, Sarah justs keeps on being Sarah and tormenting those nitwits like using a laser pointer on a cat. Just Sarah being Sarah is all it takes to have these goggle-eyed spittle-spewing zealots bouncing off walls and spoiling their underwear.

The media stooges will quickly forget about the unfortunate victims and their families … as they did with Ft Hood. If a tragedy can’t advance their agenda whats the point of following it …..

Freedom of speech seems to have survived once again ….. but it’s a certainty that these toxic twits will keep on attacking with every manufactured opportunity. And Blondie and I will be watching and commenting. You betcha ….

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