A Disaster of BP Spill Proportions

January12/ 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011. What America witnessed that day and in the days since is a near wide industry failure resulting in a BP-esque disaster, but the product was not oil, it was words. It is the worst display of journalism I have ever witnessed.

It has been a lie filled five days, full of wishful hate that has damaged the industry beyond repair. It will result in further questioning from a huge portion of an audience already doubting or dismissing its abilities. It will be seen in the future as the “tipping point”.

I would like to look at the root cause of this implosion to our Fifth Estate. I think this massive failure was spawned and stirred by decades of hate-filled, anti-American propaganda that spills through our universities and I am sad to say our much touted journalism schools.

(NOTE From BL: Blondie is one of two members of our family to hold a degree from The Univ of Missouri Journalism School. She was also a faculty member of the MU J-School. )

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Those are the questions drilled into ever J-School head full of mush from day one of classes. But over the decades the WHY? question has taken on a different slant. The WHY question has been answered for them long before they get their first job.

“Why” is no longer a question to the media. In their self acknowledged superiority, they already know “why.” They just needs backing to say it. Even if they have to make it up.

When a reporter today goes to an event, they are not seeking to ask questions that will provide the story, in other words the FACTS, they are seeking answers to questions that will fill the story they has already chosen to write. The one that fits into their agenda.

It has been clear to many of us for years now but this past five days has been lesson to all who might doubt. The media at large is openly choosing to use the guise of objective reporting to do story after story designed to diminish and silence conservatives. That IS the story.

They are simply seeking the quotes and attribution to fill their story line.
They are no longer covering events; they are mining for proof of their ill-conceived ideas.

We need the media. We need them to be objective so we can be free. It is that one last check and balance in our system. That we have so obviously lost that, is a sad and distressing thought for our future.

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