A tree smashes a Left-Wing Zealot but ….

January11/ 2011

: With any five-alarm national hysteria such as The Arizona Shootings, the immediate ripples in the media pond are totally predictable both nationally and locally.

The average liberal reacts to the mention of Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or Tea Party like the average Franklin Streeter reacts to the letter “K” ….. and like vampires to crucifixes. It’s in their ideological DNA. Don’t act surprised when they mumble the memorized mantra. Poke a pig and it squeals.

When the manic mantra comes from someone that you have chosen to tolerate (we all have a handful of those) just ignore it. Never engage them on the subject. When they let loose on the subject they always begin with “certainly you agree that …..”

When you hear that phrase, simply say “STOP! No, I don’t and if you wish to remain in my “tolerate group” drop the subject RIGHT NOW.”

They might comeback with “surely you’re not saying that you ……?”

To which you say “Strike two. Wanna go for three.” That gets a hard blink from most of’em.

They persist, saw the bat off in their hands and send’em back to the dugout. X’em off your tolerate list. The ones worth keeping around will have stopped at “STOP”.

The ones doing the current screeching about “right-wing hate speech caused that certifiably insane nutjob to shoot those people” are the hard-core Celebrity Left Wing Zealot crowd. There are about 30 of’em nationally that knee-jerk any situation to grab camera time which isn’t hard considering who usually holds the cameras and live mics.

A Celebrity Left-Wing Zealot’s dream job is to be The National Censor. FWIW: I have a permanent application in for that job myself. I would be soooo perfect for it!

Even communities not named Manhatten, Hollywood or Washington DC always have their supply of has-been demented Democrat coots and a few academic squirrels hoping for a book deal on why Karl Marx Is Cooler Than Jesus or “our stoopid Constitution”….. and the occasional wacky sheriff trapped in an Warhol fame warp. These goobers live for anyone asking their opinion about anything. Imaginary relevance, no matter how trivial and fleeting, is what these constipated hairshirts live for.

It’s a pavlovian tango that the lib media does with their most hard-core Celebrity Left-Wing Zealots. As soon as its reported that “a hurricane hit landfall …..” or “someone shot someone ….” or “there’s some tragic accident somewhere ….”, dutiful assignment editors at every non-bankrupt newspaper and every network affiliate screams out “Go get us an outlandish quote from a Celebrity Left-Wing Zealot.”

Blow-dried info babes and punk columnists have their local Celebrity Left-Wing Zealots on speed dial for those occasions. If the media stooge gets to the CLW Zealot before he/she hears about the incident the CLW Zealot simply blurts out ….. “Whatever happened is because of that awful Sarah Palin and/or that awful Rush Limbaugh and/or those awful Tea Party people. They MUST be silenced immediately !!!!”

The vacuous media stooge records their oh-so-faux-intellectual flatulence and informs their editor “I got an incendiary screed”. The pavlovian tango is completed.

If a tree falls in the deep woods smashing a Celebrity Left-Wing Zealot but no media stooge sees it or hears it …. should any one care?

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