Like Sharks with Insomnia

December22/ 2010

Liberals are like sharks with insomnia. (1) Reach out to one and you’ll lose a hand ….. (2) They never sleep.

For Conserv/Repubs, politics is a nasty necessity to protect the freedoms guaranteed us in that piece of parchment the Founding Daddies drew up. Given the choice we’d rather spend quality time with family and friends or our occupational thing. Not so the pointy-teethed bunch.

For Lib/Dems, Politics is Reason d’etre. Their Alpha & Omega. When Government is one’s deity of choice, one is its ever dutiful disciple.

You got jazzed up for the November election. Right? You stuck up a yard sign or two and watched anxiously as the votes came in, breathing a sigh of relief as we sent a bunch of no-count slimy rascals slithering down whatever hole they call home. Then what did you do?

You got involved with your family/friends and went back to your chosen vocational pursuit. Exactly what Lib/Dems expect you to do. They don’t.

They keep on keepin’ on …. chipping away at the foundations of liberty and democracy. Their ideological models – the Russkies and the ChiComms – laughingly boast – “Americans think in terms of weeks, months and years ….. Socialists think in decades and centuries.” Eat the elephant one little bite at a time and eventually the elephant is all eaten. … burp.

November saw some skunks sent packing but some highly rancid vermin managed to hang on. The Repubs that replaced’em might / might not have the sand in their gizzard to spit in the eye of the beltway media. History says a certain % will get tipsy on Foggy Bottom Kool-Aid and be quite worthless.

Regardless of what Repubs do ….. the Lib/Dems will not let up. Sharks do not have a reverse gear. What else is a Lib/Dem politician going to do if not be a slimy rascal? Imagine Bozo Joe or Mr Burns’ Reid doing anything but bloviating and biting the heads off of live microphones?

Two years ago when Repubs were the lame ducks, they “played nice” and did not try to ram thru legislation via backroom shenanigans. “Playing nice” bites chunks out of Repub butts every time it’s tried. Always has ….. always will. “Compromise” is a lib term for “grab your ankles you naive fools”.

It’s Christmas. Do you recall the first news story you read 12-15 years ago about a public Nativity scene being banned? Some orthodox Druid in Muncie took offense. Actually it wasn’t a Druid. It was a pointy-toothed liberal. Druid is just a funnier word. Druids unlike liberals, have some redeeming features.

Since that first banned Nativity scene there have been 100s of others. They don’t even make news any more. Nativity scenes simply keep disappearing from America. BUT, not in our house!


NOTE: Our table top Nativity is right there in our foyer for all to see. Ours is an antique set that Blondie snatched away from her brothers. The Babe is wrapped in swaddling clothes and the cattle are lowing. Amid all your Christmas decorations, do you have any Christian decorations?


Remember that pack of czars that Obama sneaked in and that his media shills never mention any more? They are busy little pointy-teethed beavers scurrying over the Constitution with wite-out removing as much of our freedom as they can.

This most recent FCC flim flam with Internet regulation is every bit as deadly as you would imagine, maybe more so. Controlling the free flow of information is as critical to Barack’s Regime as it was to Adoph, Joseph, Fidel, Hugo and all of’em thru history. Socialism cannot withstand open debate.

That old line – “How can you tell a politician is lying? His lips are moving.” How do you know your liberty and freedom is under attack? Barack Obama is smiling.

I’m not asking you to become an “activist”. You aspire to a higher purpose and your time is better spent with family / friends / customers. I will ask that you remind your family and friends what you stand for ….. and what you oppose.

If you are relying on the media or public education to explain history to your children and grandchildren don’t be surprised to hear “Granddaddy, who was George Washington? Grandmamma, what’s a Nativity scene?”

…… like sharks with insomnia.

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