Whose Side Is God On?

December19/ 2010

Want to get any Lib/Dem’s boxers in a bunch? Who doesn’t enjoy doing that? Look’em square in their beady little eyes and tell’em God Is A Conservative.

Whether you believe that or not, saying it really torque’em. Try it.

Actually the really extreme hootified liberals won’t blink. That faction flaunt their un-Love of God as much as they flaunt their un-Love of Country. If the Boy Scouts are “For It” any hard-core lib is against it. That’s a rule.

If The Boy Scouts came out For eastern NC barbecue ….. the DNC would choose Lexington for their 2012 Convention. No offense to tomato-based sauce lovers. I’m making a point.

Before I’m buzz-bombed by mainstream moderates (wink!) who coincidentally despise Sarah Palin, FoxNews, and 4-letter words ending in “_ush” (think!) – I’m not playing Robert Gibbs for Father, Son or The Holy Ghost. I have no idea how TFS&HG feel about politics, barbecue or gay SEALS.

I speak to The Big Guy regularly. Our conversations usually involve (1) the general well-being of Blondie and Kid or; (2) any of you getting biopsies or having issues or; (3) my own seemingly never-ending oops’. There was a time we discussed exams or career issues but those haven’t come up in awhile. We never discuss the outcome of sports events or NCAA investigations. Some of you may.

I had occasion to think about Lib/Dems and God as I watched Eliz Edwards’ recent funeral service. The service was held at Edenton Street United Methodist Church (ESUMC) – one of Raleigh’s more prestigious religious emporiums.

Every city has a few of those. The pews have a patina from decades of supporting the hind quarters of the local rich, powerful and prominent and their wannabees. The ultimate gated community, with St Peter as the security guard, admits plenty of rich, powerful and prominent. Wealth, power and prominence does not keep you out …. or get you in.

As our BabyBoomers4Jesus Lunch Bunch remind one another:

If good works can get you to Heaven …..
Then Easter is just another day.

Why was ESUMC chosen to host Mrs Edwards’ Farewell? Apparently that was where her son Wade’s funeral was held fifteen years ago. When the minister got to “insert name of deceased” he looked down at his notes. Getting her name wrong would have unleashed a tsunami of the vapors far and wide.

…. back to Supreme Being’s Ideology of Choice. I’ll ask Him when I stand before Him (along with my wish that azaleas bloomed longer). If He waffles with “BobLee, I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal” I will roll my eyes.

I certainly know some high-struttin’ Conserv/Repubs who don’t seem to “walk in The Word” if you get my drift. Of the hard-core God-disavowers I’ve run across, not a one of’em leaned to the Right. A coincidence ??? ….

God in His infinite wisdom created gnats, reality TV, and Internet fan forums. It is entirely possible He created Liberal Democrats too.

We know that Libs prefer believing that both The King Jimmy and The US Constitution are works in progress to be taken literally only when convenient in the moment. God got rather upset with Moses and his Israelites when they disobeyed. Ergo, I’m not inclined to go along with “when convenient”. Again, that’s me.

I’m one who believes The Rapture IS coming and likely before Carolina plays in a BCS game. If it comes during a DNC Convention; I bet the Dems will still have a quorum for their votes on Abortion Rights and Gay Marriage.

If you are around, let me know. I don’t plan to be.

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