America’s Addams Fam-i-leee …. snap, snap

December16/ 2010

If you’ve read much of BobLee’s thoughts the past few years, you know his fascination with a certain pop culture family in Beverly Hill. No, not The Clampetts …. but there is a similarity sort of. …. The Family Kardashian …. whose every member’s name begins with “K” except for step-daddy Bruce (Jenner) who is the poster boy for “if a little cosmetic surgery is good …. a lot is waaaaay too much”.

These two comparison pictures say many 1,000 words.

The Kardashian Family’s 2010 Christmas Card ….. compared to another ghoulish aggregation ….. snap, snap ….

If anything in America can transcend our partisan political bickering, it might be the abject knee-slapping hilarity of such as this ….. We hope both Conservs and Looney Libs can enjoy.

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