Latest Sarah-Hate Scam Exposed

December13/ 2010

Is there no bottom to the depths of the libs/drive-by media’s Sarah Palin-Hate Campaign? Apparently not. Last week an AP photog following The Palins on a mission trip to Haiti tried gotcha photo-journalism. The truth is getting out but Palin-haters snorted and cackled for a day or so ….

This is just more proof of the depths the Drives Bys will go to manufacture and trash Sarah Palin. Over the weekend, they got themselves in a lather over a picture that AP cropped showing “someone” pinning her hair. Proving, AP concluded, that the tea party diva took a hair stylist with her to Haiti. The Palins were in Haiti with Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse organization.

Huffington Post, the U.K.’s Daily Mail and the hundreds of anti-Palin blogs lit up like an old fashion light bulb in horror over this.

Ready for her close-up… Sarah Palin lands in Haiti (well, she wants to look just right for those poor cholera-stricken residents) …… The Tea Party darling’s trip to the impoverished country is being tightly stage-managed with a ‘security lockdown’.

Truth ….. it was her daughter, Bristol, giving her mom a little help by putting in a bobby pin. The bodyguard is, of course, hubby Todd.

Jeeze! Any one who watches Sarah Palin’s Alaska sees the exact opposite of diva. Sarah barely wears makeup much less fusses with her hair, as she camps in the rain, guts fish, field dresses caribou, and mountain climbs.

We see her at 4am, Alaska time, prepping for an appearance on Fox News from her home and not one flunky sycophant flitting about.

Contrast this with Mega-Diva MichelleMyBelle’s (aka The Fashion Icon) extravagant, expensive, garishly tasteless soirees we have gotten in the last two years. Which are, of course, effusively applauded by the likes of Puffington Ho and the lock-step drive-by disciples.

For us, dear friends, it is but another fine little example of how the drive bys work in tandem to explode into internet fodder negative scams about this woman who represents The Sum of All Liberal Fears.
The Palin-haters are not going away. Neither are we.

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