Are You “Peter” About Sarah?

November08/ 2010

Remember Peter denying Christ three times before the cock crowed? When he was pressured he did indeed deny Him. Are you “Peter” when a pointy-teethed liberal asks “So, what do you think about Sarah Palin?” Any one on speaking terms with pointy-teethed liberals has gotten that question.

I “liked Sarah Palin” before that stumblebum John McCain had ever heard of her. Elevating her to the national stage may be his one notable legacy of the past 30 years.

Here’s how I handled that question recently:

“AgentPierce, what’s your opinion of Sarah Palin?”

“I like Sarah Palin A LOT. I won’t say she is my #1 choice for the Repub nomination in ’12. That depends on the other possibilities. But she reminds me a LOT of my wife …. and other strong attractive intelligent kick-butt women I know. Why do you ask?”

I know the beady-eyed lib is crouched to spring the Katie Couric interview on me. They memorized that in beady-eyed liberal snappy comeback classes. By comparing Sarah to my wife I am daring the beady-eyed lib to insult one. ….. if he/she/it does THAT, I am justified under the spousal defense statute to beat the living crap out of he/she/it on the spot ….. and they know it.

You can actually see their little brain wheels spinning assessing their options and/or measuring the distance to the nearest exit. They get discombobulated and just mutter “oh”. If I am bored, I might toy with them with my own follow-up rhetorical question:

“Do you think Michelle Obama has THE widest butt in White House history, or is William Howard Taft’s still #1?”

You are welcome to borrow that one but practice it in front of a mirror first.

If your beady-eyed Palin inquisitor is totally hung up on that Wassila Woman he/she will be armed with (in addition to the Perky Katie Gotcha) ….. (1) her daughter was “knocked up” ….. (2) Tina Fey made fun of her on SNL …… (3) she quit being Governor ….. (4) she shoots moose ….. (5) she’s made a lot of $$$ the past year ….. and (6) she’s originally from Idaho. That’s about it. They might add “… but she says things that are very scary and not very smart.”

You reply: “Other than two answers to Perky Katie during her first two weeks on McCain’s ticket, what Sarah Palin quotes specifically frighten you so?”

Their head will start bobbing like a duck and their eyes will blink really fast. Then I drop the hammer on’em with:

“I also really like Jan Brewer, Michelle Bachman, Kristi Noem, Marsha Blackburn and Dana Perino. Which Lib/Dem women most remind you of your wife and/or Life Partner?”


Feel free to print this guide, laminate it and carry it in your wallet. ….never know when it might come in handy.

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