Simply Not Godparents Material

October18/ 2010

The upcoming elections are different from that one 23 months ago …… BIG Difference.

Most of you reading this had the Semi-Kenyan Socialist figured out from the get-go. But you were flummoxed that some family, friends and associates you figured were pretty bright, bought the Obamic Snake Oil. They weren’t buying what the jug-eared galoot was peddling so much as Bush Fatigue overwhelmed them.

Pre-Czars and pre-all of Obama’s other ram-down-our-throat BS, some gullible folks figured “There’s not much difference. They’re all a bunch of bums. Lets go with the black guy this time. We sing Kumbaya and 300 years of racial discord will just magically go POOF. Maybe Socialism can work despite it never having worked ever in recorded history …..”. WRONG!

Somewhere on the planet there is some deaf, dumb, blind pinball wizard who still believes that crap. He is in a cave on a Filipino atoll with three Japanese soldiers who don’t know WWII is over.

If any of your family, friends (!) and associates vote (D) in two weeks ….. they are simply not Godparent material for your children. This time around anyone who votes (D) occupies a spot on the socio-cultural spectrum that is waaay far away from me and many of you. You don’t want to hate-em or not be polite…. but definitely ixnay on the Godparent thing.

It is perfectly “legal” for someone to be a radical left-wing lunatic and to loath all the things I cherish about America. I’ll do everything I can do to overwhelm the bejeebers out of those sad souls and deny them every bit of influence I can in affecting policy that affects me and folks like me.

Its been a while since I unloaded here. I think Christine O’Donnell is just fine and would be the first US Senator from Delaware in 20+ years that I would allow to set foot in my yard. I DO love me all those kick-butt Conserv babes ….. yum yum!

Absolutely ZERO chance that Obama will modify his radical ideology one iota regardless of November outcome. He does not know anything BUT his radical socialist doctrine. Clinton was “a politician” who loved the art of the game. This galoot is convinced he is The Global Messiah and knows nothing else but the way he has done it. He’s hard-wired. He can’t change.

He has his base constituency of black and union drones. The entitlement gimmees HAVE to trust him. They are incapable of surviving in a competitive marketplace. Reversing that will take decades.

Never underestimate Obama’s skills at ballot box manipulation – his only acquired talent. Rigging elections is his forte. Don’t sell him short in that area. (SEE BELOW)

If newly-elected Repubs turn out to be RINOS as has happened in the past ….. they should be horse-whipped and dispatched forthwith. Any Repub who turns wishy washy and gets blinded by the Inside The Beltway bling bling is as big a threat to my America than a left-wing lunatic. Hold your local Repubs’ feet to the fire 24/7 on EVERY vote.

Obama is planning on blaming GOP for EVERYTHING for the next two years to set himself up as “The Answer” again in 2012. There will always be gullible goobers who buy that crap. Don’t be a gullible goober.

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