Where’s Obama’s Posing Shovel ?

June03/ 2010

We’ve seen that B-roll footage about 53 times. You know the one …. The Jug-eared Messiah stiding along a Gulf-coast beach ….. several aides in tow. White shirt, open-collar and sleeves rolled-up two turns ….

He gazes southward across the oil-stained open waters of Gulf de Mexico. He’s considering “Sure I could simply walk out there and place my hand o ver the “damn hole”? But no, I need another month or so of this “convenient crisis” diversion for my czars to get 300+ new regulations secretly in place.”

Instead he kneels down reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes noticing a grain of sand out-of-place thereby unraveling the mystery. He appears to touch a yucky tar-pie with an immaculate digit. …… as the White House media pool photogs send the comforting image around the world.

From Shreveport to Shanghai ….. from Yazoo City to Auckland …. from Pensacola to Paris …… the global community collectively sighs – “He IS in charge!”

HOLD THAT SIGH …… “Where’s the freakin’ posing shovel?”edwardsneworleans

Indeed ….. hop into BobLee’s WayBack Machine for a short ride from that Gulf coast beach to New Orleans 9th Ward just three scant years ago. The tossel-haired son of a humble mill worker wears a flannel shirt from the Alexander Julian faux Real Man Collection ….. again, sleeves rolled up two turns. With an aide applying “just the right touch o’ sweat” across his brow, he thrusts a long-handled posing shovel into a pile of rubble ….. staring resolutely into the camera with an expression that screams “I care ….. I really really care.”

“That’s a wrap.” John hands the posing shovel to Andrew Young and heads to Brennan’s for a brunch of caviar, eggs benedict and Cristal.

Huuumm ….. a video from the John Edwards campaign. You don’t suppose “the videographer” was _____ HER ? No, probably not. John’s got his clothes on.


Our WayBack Journey continues across the Atlantic to another beach…… called Normandy. Its the late 1990s. Long before Mr Hope AND Change came along we just had “The Man From Hope”.

He strides the beach in solitary contemplation, not another soul in sight. The weight of the Free World upon his shoulders as he contemplates a liaison with that fetching info-babe from Reuters with the perky C cups.

He comes upon a pile of stones. He kneels. As if directed by an unseen voice only he can hear ….. “Build it and those stooges will get it on film”.

The Man From Hope with solemn deliberation constructs “a simple cross” on the very sands where The Greatest Generation paid the ultimate sacrifice in 1941 so he could have a Camino with an Astroturf bed in 1964. The camera catches a tear rolling down his cheek. The same tear and same cheek he used at Ron Brown’s funeral …… but who’s counting? BobLee, that’s who!

“That’s a wrap”. The stones are quickly returned to the box they had come from 10 minutes earlier and The Man From Hope grinningly asks the Reuters info-babe if she’d like to go skinny-dipping. The Clinton Builds A Cross footage flies around the globe and humankind sighs ….. “What a heckuva guy!”


In the spirit of incredibly charitable bi-partisanship …… There was an incident on the rolling deck of a US Navy aircraft carrier. The reigning POTUS bedecked in an olive drab flight suit standing beneath an incredibly ill-advised banner fluttering in the breeze.

Another example of a staged photo-op? In the broad context of the art form – Yes. But there the similarity ends …..


Examples 1, 2 and 3 are displayed countless times over many weeks by a fawning mainstream media. The off-camera media stooge in awed, hushed reverence to these incredible individuals exhibiting boundless capacity for concern for the mere mortals over whom they tower. …… Versus example #4 – can you believe this guy interfering with a military exercise and endangering 1,000 of our brave sailors so he can play Top Gun?

OK …… where’s that freakin’ posing shovel?


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