The Racist Label ….. yawn

April04/ 2010

It has become such a cliché that we forget why TeamObama and a compliant media set it up – Any/all criticism of Barack Obama is because he is black. Ergo anyone who criticizes Obama is automatically a racist. Providing the perfect cover for a very shrewd politician to put in place all the pieces of a sinister plan.

If Hillary was POTUS, substitute because she is a woman and chauvinist for the automatic media knee-jerk retorts. Chauvinist lacks the fingernails on a blackboard screech of racist.

When one says racist lips curl and the word comes out in a snarl. Seeing the word in print, one sees “the n word” beside it and the visual of gap-toothed klansmen wearing bed sheets around a burning cross. That ghastly visual gets tagged to anyone who dares oppose Barack Obama.deco_nightstalker_cross

Conservatives cower from the racist label like vampires retreating from Dr Van Helsing’s crucifix. We curl into a fetal position and cry “No No No I’m not one of those nasty people. Please don’t call me that. I’ll be quiet. I will behave.” ….. Phooey on that!

Outspoken Conservatives have joked for years if I’m not called a nazi, racist, homophobe by noon every day I wonder what I’m doing wrong. Veterans of the right-wing blogosphere can recall the first time he/she opened an e-mail or read a comment board and saw ourselves attacked with the r word. You blink and are taken aback for a second.

Decide if you can take “it”. Is being so assailed more than you can bear? Being called a racist by an anonymous yahoo on a comment board is a given. If that silences your political voice then you don’t have the sand in your gizzard for the task. We need you as a loyal Conservative at the ballot box but leave the Rough ‘n Tumble to those more comfortable with no holds barred keyboard combat.

When right-wing extremists (!) bloggers get together we compare nasty names we’ve been called. Recall the scene in Jaws on board The Orca where Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider compare scars. It’s not just a guy thing.

She-Conservatives like Coulter, Malkin or Ingraham can more than hold their own with their experiences. They are routinely called names I’ve never heard before. Our charming and talented high profile Lady Conservatives are tough cookies when it comes to the Rough ‘n Tumble.

In whatever venue you express a Conservative point-of-view you WILL be called names. It is attack strategy #1 in the liberal handbook. The toxicity of the names depends upon the particular venue.

Liberal newspaper websites declare open season on anyone from the Right. If you retaliate in kind you will lose posting privileges. As a Conservative you should be above such crassness any way. There are more skillful ways to slice & dice a goggle-eyed spittle-spewing liberal. Use a straight razor rather than a sledge hammer. Liberal is my #1 choice as a derogatory name to call liberals. I never use Progressive.

The trite toxic name calling will never stop. If name-calling shuts down Conservative voices it is an effective weapon. It takes a thick skin to withstand it.

Never allow your opponent to define the rules of your dialogue. How quickly you can drive your opponent into a spittle-spewing name-calling rage is a measure of how effectively you have framed your own argument. It usually happens early-on. It’s their way of admitting ….. You’re RIGHT!


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